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Toledo City Council Neighborhoods – Rental Registration Meeting scheduled for 4/2/14

Toledo City Council

Neighborhoods, Community Development & Health Committee

Councilman Jack Ford, Chair & Councilman Tom Waniewski, Vice Chair

will conduct a Committee Meeting on

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

One Government Center – City Council Chambers


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss Ord. 49-14, Enact new TMC Ch. 1366, Group Rental Registration.  All members who own rental properties in Toledo are encouraged to attend and provide your opinions.  A summary of the proposed legislation is below:


1366.01   Purpose, scope and intent of registration. 

a.   Purpose.  Establish a clear, cohesive and enforceable policy to regulate group rental housing.

b.   Scope & intent.  Covers all single family detached homes (RCO) in residential neighborhoods put into service as group rentals; establishes minimum standards of habitability for occupants.

1)   Responsibility to maintain property & occupancy is with owners, renters, operators and occupants.

2)   Existing structures are exempt from building requirements but must comply with health & safety.

3)   Certificate of Appropriateness required for changes in Historic Overlay Districts.


1366.03   Location and spacing of group rental housing

a.   Frontage on major street, excluding those houses put into service prior to June 6, 2004.

b.   Spacing requirement – 300’ apart.  NEW provisions. [Will limit group rental conversions]


1366.05   Parking provisions.

a.   Off-street parking prohibited in ROW or front yard setback TMC §301.25.

b.   Off-street parking limited to side and rear setback and paved area in front yard.

c.   Impervious material – §1107.1906, §1305.

d.   Rear yard coverage provisions – TMC §1102.0204.


1366.05Occupancy.  Established by Director through review and approval of unstamped, scaled floor plan drawings.

a.   Dept. of Inspection issues an Occupancy Limit placard, to be posted within house, 5’ of front door.

b.   Three (3) unrelated persons, per TMC §1104.1100 & §1104.1103. Excludes GRs prior to 12-27-93.

c.   Property owner who leases or renter who sub-leases is responsible to maintain legal occupancy.

d.   $1000 fine for illegal occupancy per §1762.99(b). [Stiff penalty to encourage compliance]


1366.06Designation of Group Rental and Annual Registration.

a.   Owner/agent registers group rental within 30 days of putting structure into service or 30 days after passage.

b.   Director of Inspection creates registration Group Rental Registration (GRR) form.

c.   GRR fee is $200 each unit per year, into General Fund; paid by September 30th; lots of stuff.  $250 fine.

d.   Registration does not exempt owner/occupant from maintaining property.


1366.07Annual Inspection. Safety inspection, tied to renewal, by Dept. of Inspection; confirms occupancy, compliance.


1366.99Violations, penalties and appeals. Fines go into Nuisance Abatement Trust Fund to fund grants for restoration of abandoned group rentals into single family homes.  Violations and fines are as follows:

a.   NOLs, excluding those provisions identified in 1726.99 b:

1)   1st offense ………………………….. $75.00

2)   2nd offense …………………………$150.00

3)   3rd offense ……………………………….$300.00

4)   4th offense ……………………………….$600.00


Code Section

Description of Violation

Violation Liability

Fine Amt.


Group Rental House Registry

3rd degree misdemeanor



Illegal transfer of title w/ orders

1st degree misdemeanor


§963.10 – §963.14

Junk, litter and debris

2nd degree misdemeanor



Illegal occupancy

1st degree misdemeanor