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Last Thursday it was brought to our attention that the login credentials to access the system that houses TRAR membership records and payment information and that you use to register for classes and vote was not as secure as it should be.  I assure you there has been no breach to the system.  In an effort to protect all of our members and their information, we had to bring down the system and work with our vendor to reprogram the log in requirements.
In doing so, we also had to stop the election for the Board of Directors and start a new election.  We know there are questions about why we had to do this during the election, but we felt it was paramount to take away any possibility of questioning the validity or accuracy of the system and results.  It is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure complete accuracy.
Because this is a new election, no votes cast before Friday (November 10, 2017) are included.  Thank you to those of you who have already voted last week but we need you to cast your vote again.  The link to the new election is below.  This election will stay open until Tuesday, November 21st and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 22nd.

TRAR Tribune November 6 2017