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City of Toledo now offers Quick Pay for Public Utilities

City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities

QuickPay Overview
QuickPay was designed to give consumers a convenient and quick overview of the total balance
on their utility account. You do not have to be the account holder to use QuickPay. QuickPay
information includes the following; however you will only see the items that apply to your

Past Due:
Everything due before today — Past Due may include any past due installment plan items. This
amount may be subject to disconnection. If you make a payment, please call customer service
at 419-245-1800 with your confirmation number immediately following.
Current Balance:
All items due today or later (may include deferrals). This will not include installment plan
items. This balance is due on the date listed to the right.
Next Installment Plan Payment:
Amount of next installment items that fall on or after today ONLY–This balance is due on the
date listed to the right.
Total Due:
The sum of Past Due, Current Charges, and Next Installment Plan– The amount due on the
date listed above. This amount will be populated in Paymentus when you go to pay.
Unbilled Charges:
This is where you will see any charges that will be billed in the future. Examples: Future
installments plan payments, deferred deposits or fees, etc.
Total Account Balance:
All open items on this account.
Total Paid (Prior Year):
The sum of all payments made to this account during the prior year.
Total Paid (Current Year):
The sum of all payments made to this account year to date.
Monthly Budget:
An estimated monthly payment, based on the past 12 months of usage, if you wish to make
voluntary monthly payments in advance toward your quarterly bill.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is eligible to use QuickPay?
A: If you currently have an active account you can view your information using either your
service address or account number. If you have an inactive account you can view your
information using an account number.

Q: How do I know if my account is active or inactive?
A: If you are currently being billed for water and sewer service then your account is active. If
your water has been turned off then you have an inactive account.
Please note: It is possible that you have both an active and inactive account. If you search for
your property by address and get a message that there are inactive accounts with an open
balance, you should call Customer Service at 419-245-1800 to get an accurate balance for your

Q: I’ve entered a valid account number but no account details are displayed. What’s the
A: Please verify that the account number entered matches the account number on the bill. If
you’re not able to find your account details after searching with a service address or account
number, that doesn’t mean that you do not have an account balance; some accounts may not
be eligible for QuickPay. Please try using the search tips provided below, or call Customer
Service at 419-245-1800.

Q: I’m unable to find my account balance when searching for my service address, what can I
A: The service address needs to be entered exactly as it appears on the billing statement. If
your account is active, you may search using your service address or the account number. To
search the address you can use the wildcard feature, which uses an asterisk (*) to help the
system find the address.
For example: A wild card search of 123 *Main* would return:
a. 123 Main St
b. 123 N Main
c. 123 Jermain Dr
NOTE: If your account is currently inactive, you cannot search by the service address; you must
search by using the account number.

Q: Along with my account balance the following message appears: “ATTENTION: There are
inactive accounts at this service address with a balance due. This balance may or may not be
the responsibility of the current account holder. You are advised to contact Customer Service
at 419-245-1800 to ensure you have an accurate balance.” What does this mean?
A: The message indicates there’s an unpaid balance on an inactive account at the address you
searched for. This could be due to a previous disconnection, or could be from a prior contract
holder. The balance on the inactive account may or may not be your responsibility. Please call
Customer Service at 419-245-1800; a Representative will be able to give you more details.

Q: I know the property has had several owners each leaving a balance, how do I see the total
balance due for all of the accounts?
A: You must know the account number for each owner in order to see the balance for each
account. If you do not have the account number numbers, you can contact a Customer Service
Representative at 419-245-1800 to obtain the balance for each account.

Q: What is the difference between the Total Amount Due and the Total Account Balance?
A: The Total Amount due includes the past due charges plus current charges plus the current
installment plan amount (if any). The total amount should be paid by the date listed above.
The Total Account Balance includes all charges owed on the account including any future
installment plan payments, deposits and fees.