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“Do Not Drink” advisory is NOT accurate

The Toledo Mayor’s office asked us to pass along the following message from Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors recently about the City calling a “do not drink” advisory. This is not accurate. The City of Toledo has a lot of ways to keep the public informed about the quality of our water. There has been news coverage daily about harmful algal blooms, green water, and microcystin in the lake. At the intake, we are not seeing any elevated levels. We will update you in the event there is a change.

Below you will see our water quality dashboard, listed on our website and various other social media sites. Included with the dashboard, you can also view test results online:

View data from our sondes out in the lake:

And watch the camera feed from our intake buoy:

Please share the link to the dashboard with any of your partners, in newsletters, or other forms of communication you may have.

City of Toledo Water Quality Dashboard




So That You Know and Can Help Spread the Word…


  • Toledo is focused on continuing to produce safe, clean drinking water this year.


  • Communication during the Harmful Algal Bloom season will be based on the water quality dashboard above which shows the conditions in Lake Erie and tap water in five levels from “Clear” to “Do Not Drink.” 



  • The City of Toledo dashboard will reflect accurate information on a daily basis. 


  • There have been rumors created by inaccurate FaceBook postings.  Information that is not verified on the water quality dashboard and reported through trusted media outlets should be disregarded.



Thank You!


Stacy Weber

Public Information Officer

Office of Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson