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Homesnap Introduces Mobile Safety Features for Agents

Homesnap launched two new features in Homesnap Pro that are designed to help keep agents safe when they are showing homes: a Safety Timer and a Distress Alert.

The Safety Timer allows an agent to set a timer when he or she arrives at a showing. If the agent does not stop the timer after a set amount of time, Homesnap will issue a text alert to the agent’s emergency contacts, letting them know the agent’s current location and cell number. In case of immediate distress, the agent can activate a Distress Alert in one tap that alerts contacts that the agent is in danger.


There has been an increased focus on agent safety since the tragic death of Arkansas broker Beverly Carter last October. We wanted to provide a simple solution that agents could use within Homesnap Pro, the everyday app for real estate agents, which they could customize each time for the individual circumstances. The Safety Timer uses GPS to determine where the agent is, and can be used at any home, whether or not it is an active listing.


Here is a detailed explanation of how the safety features work:

  • When an agent is within 2000 feet of the home that he or she is showing, the agent opens the listing in Homesnap Pro and taps on the Safety Timer button to get started.
  • The agent then inputs how long he or she plans to be at that location, selects emergency contacts to notify if the timer expires, and starts the timer.
  • Homesnap will notify the agent when time is running low. At that time, the agent can either extend or stop the timer.
  • If the timer expires, Homesnap will issue a text alert to the agent’s emergency contacts with his or her current address and cell phone number.
  • In case of distress, the agent can send a text message in one tap using the Distress Alert button.

You can learn more about the Homesnap Pro Safety Timer and Distress Alert here, and about Homesnap Pro in general here. Homesnap Pro is available to members of MLSs who have partnered with Homesnap to provide the app to their agents. Homesnap Pro is free to any MLS for the first 12 months. To learn more about our MLS deal, click here.