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Homesnap | Real Estate on Your Wrist: Homesnap for Android Wear

At Homesnap, we’re obsessed with building the simplest and most helpful mobile apps. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched Homesnap for Android Wear. Just get the latest version of Homesnap and our all-new Android Wear app will automatically be installed on your connected device.

Get Homesnap for Android Wear on Google Play

Wearables are the next big thing, and given the importance of location and context in the search for a new home, we’re confident that wearable devices will soon become indispensable house hunting tools — both for consumers and real estate agents.

How does Homesnap for Android Wear work? We leverage the location data from your Android phone using battery-sensitive techniques to keep you in sync with nearby real estate listings. Whenever you see a Homesnap card in your context stream, you can swipe through nearby listings to review photos and prices.

With another tap, you can drill into any nearby listing to reveal the address, listing status, agent remarks, and property details. The interaction model is seamless: with one more tap, you can record a note or mark a favorite home, which will automatically be synced with your Homesnap account.

You’re in control of your contexts stream so it’s easy to adjust notifications. You can disable notifications entirely using the Android Wear app or fine-tune notification frequency on the Settings page of the Homesnap app.

To learn more about Homesnap for Android, please visit:

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