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The Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA)


The City of Toledo has served as a regional provider of drinking water for the City and eight contract communities in a region extending to portions of Fulton, Lucas and Wood counties in Ohio and Monroe County, Michigan. Toledo’s current water systems were developed over more than 75 years through the City’s re-investments of service revenues, grants, and contributions. Several contract communities’ water supply contracts are scheduled to expire within the next ten years, making it prudent for the region to consider alternative water resource governance arrangements and facility planning.  In addition, significant capital investments are underway and planned to improve and expand regional water utility service delivery capabilities at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant.

Given these dynamics, elected officials from the region have voiced a desire to establish a regional water authority and governance structure that may best serve the interests of the Toledo region at large.  Proposed is the creation of the Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA). TAWA will serve as an independent authority with the purpose of providing drinking water to a region with a population of more than 500,000 residents and vibrant business community.

The Authority, to be guided by professionally qualified Board members, will be charged with emphasizing safety, reliability and rate predictability. The TAWA Board of Trustees is to be appointed by the communities that form TAWA and will have direct authority over the planning, financing, operations and maintenance, and development of the TAWA water resource utility systems.

Over the next twelve to eighteen months, TAWA and its members communities will work to develop a plan of operation and the financial aspects of the new authority. Much of this work will be done under the guidance of the Court of Common Pleas and a transition group consisting of the mayors and utility directors of the member communities who worked to develop the Memorandum of Understanding contemplating the formation of TAWA.

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