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Why you should use the SentriLock Electronic Lockbox System

Why Should I use the SentriLock electronic lockbox system?

It was reported to The Toledo Board of REALTORS® that a house with a mechanical lockbox on it was robbed.  The homeowners came home to discover no lockbox on the door, no signs of forced entry and all of their brand new appliances gone.  The agent and homeowner can only believe someone had the combination to the mechanical lockbox and gained entry using the key.  The Toledo Board of REALTORS® encourages you to use SentriLock lockboxes to secure access to your listings.  Below are some of the features SentriLock can offer you over traditional lockboxes:

Allows agents to show the property while providing top security. Issue time sensitive one day codes so appraisers, inspectors, etc. can enter the property and you will have a record of the access. Online reports and showing data. Identity of the person accessing the lockbox is recorded for every visit. Access logs are available online. Showing feedback from the exclusive SentriLite Showing System. Better service for your clients. The SentriCard which allows access to the lockbox is only available to real estate professionals. A survey of homeowners nationwide found a great majority of sellers rank SECURITY as an extremely important feature of electronic lockboxes.