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Mick Beier – Small Brokerage Director Candidate

Mick Beier is currently running for a Director’s seat for a three-year term (2021, 2022, 2023).  Please find information regarding Mick’s qualifications below.  For additional questions, Mick may be reached at

Company: Coldwell Banker Haynes
Years Licensed: 4
Type of License Held:
University Attended:
Bowling Green State University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Position at Company:
NOR Committees Chaired:
NOR Committee Participation:
Leadership Academy, 2019-2020
Served as a NOR Director in the Past?
NOR President’s Sales Club Years:
2018 – 2019
OR Committee Participation:

Describe current and past community involvement: 
In the past Mick and his wife Lindsy oversaw the nursery during church service at Grace Lutheran Church (2016) and are members of the Rossford Chamber of Commerce (2008-2010), are members and Football Concessions for Oak Harbor Athletic Boosters (2017-2018).
Currently, Mick is a member of the Toledo-Lucas County Homelessness Board (2020-current), a member of Sylvania Chamber of Commerce (2019-current), a member of EPIC Toledo – TRCC (2018- current) and serves on the Coldwell Banker Haynes ‘Good Mojo’ Committee (2018-current).

Financial Oversight Experience:
Mick maintains financial oversight in three separate roles, each with unique needs. As a partner at CB Haynes he reviews open listings, pending on a weekly basis and what that translates to in terms of monthly cash flow. He manages the annual budget as well as all marketing and lead generation costs. Through his personal agency business, he provides himself a monthly review of P/L, Marketing ROI, and Cash Flow Position. As a local landlord, Mick maintains a ledger of rents and late fees, paying contractors and agreeing to appropriate terms, scheduling the debt leverage based on the equity position in properties, providing annual Pro Forma statements, and managing cash flow position.

Government Affairs Experience: 
Mick has more recently been becoming active in this sector, especially after a meeting with Brian at the TRCC. He is currently serving as a member of the Toledo-Lucas County Homelessness Board and will continue to liaise with Brian on growing his involvement with political activeness in Toledo.

Communications Experience:
As a partner and broker, Mick is in communication with agents on a one to one basis as well as in a group setting for meetings. Being involved with a franchise in Coldwell Banker, Mick has experience communicating in high level discussions with brand managers, training directors, and marketing directors. After obtaining the information from these meetings, it is then his responsibility to communicate back to his agents so that everyone can easily understand. In his personal business, Mick tries to stay proactive with communications among clients, customers, and fellow agents in order to keep in front of problems before they happen.

Strategic Planning Experience: 
As a business owner, Mick understands the importance of making a plan for the goals that a person or organization wants to achieve. Annually, he submits to Coldwell Banker Haynes owners a strategic business plan for the coming year. This plan outlines their goals for marketing, recruiting, growth, and budget as well as how they are going to effectively manage and achieve the goals. They also plan around how each of these business functions interacts with the others. In a previous occupation, Mick was required to provide a budget and growth plan for all customers served.

Technology Experience:
One of the top reasons that Mick chose Coldwell Banker was because of the technology that they provide to their agents. He feels fortunate to grow up when he did as he has been exposed to the great things technology can do for business along with understanding the importance of that human interaction. As a partner in the Haynes company, Mick has been assigned to roll out all-new tech products to the company (including MI offices) through zoom meeting demonstrations. Through our rollouts, he has become familiar with IDX data feeds between MLS, vendor, and consumer. While all of this technology is great, Mick also understands that he needs to be cognizant of privacy, fair housing, and other regulatory restrictions.

Real Estate Trends Experience:
As described above with new product rollouts for his company, it has been important for Mick to stay abreast of the best technology trends available in real estate. Along with this, it is important to understand market trends and regulatory trends. He keeps updated through industry conferences, company conferences, industry publications, and local board emails. Yes, Mick does read through the Realtor magazine and there is always something in there that he picks up and shares with the office!

Leadership Experience:
Going back to high school, Mick was President of his Varsity Club and a team captain for both varsity wrestling and football his senior season. As a young professional, he worked his way from an entry-level representative at CH Robinson to a Senior Account Manager where he oversaw a group of seven employees who assisted with managing the transportation needs of Owens Illinois. While at CH Robinson, Mick also took on a role as the Co-Leader for their Manufacturing Vertical where industry trends were shared with employees from across the country. In his short career in real estate, Mick has begun to lead the Toledo office and create their own voice with the Haynes company. This includes onboarding and mentoring newly licensed agents. With the local board, Mick was lucky enough to be selected for the Leadership Academy in 2020 where he gained valuable insight into growing and improving his career.

Why does Mick wish to be a Director:
After being involved in the Leadership Academy, Mick felt that he needed to do more with the local board, and he became excited to do so. He feels that one of the best ways he can contribute to this industry is by being involved with groups of people who want to make their business a little easier to manage and more risk-averse.
As a Director, Mick wants to set an example not only to the agents in his firm but also to agents and brokers at other small firms that the board is an important piece of the puzzle and they should be more involved in board activities and RPAC. His personal goals as a Director would be 1) Provide insight and knowledge into board decisions so that the needs of smaller firms are taken into consideration and 2) Create awareness among smaller firms of board happenings in order to grow agent engagement from this group.
His initial plan to accomplish goal 1 is by having 100% attendance at all meetings with material and note prep done the night before. Goal 2 will require conversations with local small firm brokers on an annual basis regarding volunteering, board events, and any potential changes on the horizon that may have an effect on their business.
As a newer broker, Mick feels that his energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to keep an open mind will be beneficial not just to small firm agents/brokers but to all agents, board members, and directors that he works with in this position. He is very excited to grow as a broker, business owner, and member of this board of Realtors.

Voting will be available for all REALTOR Members starting Monday, December 7, 2020 through Friday, December 11, 2020.