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NORIS News 06-01-21

Sell Score is now available in Realist

Learn more about Sell Score Insights in Realist

Leveraging both public record and CoreLogic data, the Sell Score uses an algorithm developed by CoreLogic to determine the likelihood a property will be listed for sale in the next six months. By assigning each property a numerical grade, the Sell Score makes it easy to identify homeowners who are more likely to sell. Click here for complete instructions on how to use Sell Score.


Show, Don’t Tell, the Latest Market Trends

Helping Clients Navigate the Busy Season with InfoSparks

We’re in the middle of the busy season and most real estate professionals will take all the help they can get to handle the influx of questions they inevitably receive about local market trends. Thankfully, you have an ally in InfoSparks (available in select markets). InfoSparks gives agents quick access to shareable, authoritative data to deftly handle every question they’re asked. Click Here to Read More.


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