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Single Sign On (SSO) Dashboard Instructions

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 is the big day!  you will need to log in to the MLS a different way.  See the instructions below.








To log into the MLS from the SSO (Single Sign On) dashboard go to CLICK HERE.  Click on the MEMBERS box.

You will then be directed to the Single Sign On (SSO) Dashboard.  If you are a member of the MLS, you will need to log in with your current MLS username and password.  TRAR members only have been sent a separate e-mail with their username and password.

SSO Login box









You will then be asked to answer 3 short security questions and reset your password.  Your password must contain at least 1 number, and be from 5 to 15 characters long.  Make sure to keep a record of your answers to the questions and your new password.  You will only need to complete this page one time.

You will receive a confirmation that your account was successfully enrolled.  Please make sure the email we have on file is correct.  Click the TRAR/NORIS Dashboard button.  Click on any of the icons to be directed to that website.