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Northwest Ohio Real Estate Information System (NORIS)

The Northwest Ohio Real Estate Information System Board determines the policies, activities and expenditures of NORIS; elects some of the officers of the Board; and, in general, shall have entire charge and management of the affairs of NORIS. The Board of Directors consists of the NOR CEO (non-voting member), the NOR President, NOR President-Elect and a Broker representative from each of the five companies who have the highest number of sales and listings as of November of the previous year. The remaining 6-7 members are elected by the five members mentioned above. Each member serves a one year term.

NORIS 2021 Board of Directors

Jon Modene, President

Phil Navarre, Vice Chairman Treasurer

Mark Remeis, NOR/NORIS Representative

Tony Bassett

James Koehler

Jim Loss

John Mangas

Danie McQuillen

Joan Rauh

Kevin Smith

Sam Switzer

Blaine Wells

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