Application for Annual Awards

Deadline to be received is October 13, 2023. Entries cannot be accepted after this date.

REALTOR® of the Year

The “REALTOR® of the Year” Award is given each year to a member who has distinguished themselves by their voluntary service to Northwest Ohio REALTORS. Often this individual has served on various committees or on the Board of Directors.  Online Application 2023 REALTOR® of the Year

Good Neighbor Award

The Good Neighbor Award is given each year to one to up to three members who have been very involved in a voluntary capacity within the community. Online Application 2023 the Good Neighbor Award

Affiliate of the Year

The Affiliate of the Year Award recognizes a NOR Affiliate for their service and dedication to the Association.

Online Application 2023 Affiliate of the Year

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Award will be based on the rookie’s first 12 months of performance in real estate. Members will be eligible for this award the year in which their first anniversary falls from the original date they joined Northwest Ohio Realtors.
Online Application 2023 Rookie of the Year

If you know of someone else who you think should be considered, please contact Megan at 419-535-3222 or and an application will be sent to that person to be filled out for the committee’s consideration.