Legislative Issues

Northwest Ohio REALTORS is committed to protecting the private property rights of all members of society, and fostering a sound and dynamic real estate market that creates vibrant communities in which to live and work. Members of Northwest Ohio REALTORS are committed to protecting the real estate transaction, defining the duties of real estate brokers and providing adequate information to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants to ensure reliability and clarity in the sale of private property.

Consumer and Business Issues

Northwest Ohio REALTORS supports new housing construction including necessary infrastructure improvements.

Northwest Ohio REALTORS supports policies that encourage economic develop and business growth.

Northwest Ohio REALTORS advocates streamlining the permitting process to reduce the costs, time and administrative hurdles businesses face establishing themselves.

Northwest Ohio REALTORS believes that if the community can protect the health of children and not damage the real estate market we should do so. However, we also believe that government has a responsibility to only adopt legislation that can truly be complied with and adequately enforced.

Housing, Land Use & Environmental Issues

Northwest Ohio REALTORS promotes housing affordability and encourages wise planning to improve infrastructure to our growing communities. We work to guard the rights of property owners from over-regulation, while maintaining effective environmental protections.

Northwest Ohio REALTORS supports a Regional Water System that includes regional ownership of the plant that processes the water.

Tax & Fiscal Issues

Northwest Ohio REALTORS opposes tax increases on small business, homes and property to ensure housing affordability and the health of real estate markets that are vital to state and local economies.

Northwest Ohio REALTORS believes that assessments and other government imposed charges on real property are only appropriate if the charge provides a benefit to the property. Administrative costs of government should be paid from general tax revenues and not from fees targeting real property.

Questions or Concerns

Please Contact Megan Foos, megan@nworealtors.com, (419) 535-3222