Process for Filing an Ethics Complaint with the Northwest Ohio REALTORS®

Any person may file a complaint alleging that a member of this Board has violated one or more Articles of the Code of Ethics.

Ethics complaints must be filed with The Northwest Ohio REALTORS® within one hundred eighty (180) days from the time a complainant knew (or reasonably should have known) that potentially unethical conduct took place.

All complaints must be in writing and must contain the name of the individual REALTOR®, not a company, against whom the complaint is made. If the complaint is against a sales associate, the Broker of the firm does not have to be included in the complaint unless the situation warrants.

All complaints should include the specific Article(s) of the Code of Ethics that apply. The Grievance Committee of the Toledo Board or REALTORS® will provide assistance if necessary.

The complaint should address the specific facts of the situation which pertain to the Code of Ethics.

The Northwest Ohio REALTORS® cannot make legal determinations, award damages or require monetary restitution and cannot enforce the license law of the state of Ohio.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the file will be forwarded to the Grievance Committee for review. The committee will determine whether or not a formal hearing should occur. If they determine that a formal hearing should be held, a copy of the complaint will be sent to the Respondent who is required to file a response within 15 days. The complainant will receive notification of the decision of the Grievance Committee. If the Grievance Committee dismisses the complaint, the complainant will have 20 days to file an appeal of that decision.

If the Grievance Committee recommends a formal hearing, the Complaintant will be expected to attend and verbally, under oath, present his/her complaint to the hearing panel. The Respondent will also be present and will be given an opportunity to state their defense. Parties may have an attorney present and may present any witnesses or evidence they desire.

To file an Ethics Complaint please click here and complete the Ethics Complaint Form. The completed form should be forward to Megan Meyer Foos.