Individual Definition

To apply for the Individual President’s Sales Club Award, you must hold yourself out to the public as an Individual REALTOR and not a member of a sales team in any social media or marketing. An agent who is part of a team may not apply as an individual regardless of involvement in the team.

Team Definition

A Team shall be defined as a business affiliation of two or more licensed agents in the same brokerage, who, as a regular practice list and/or sell property and who hold themselves out to the public as a member of a team in any of their social media or marketing. An agent who is part of a team must apply with the team regardless of their level of involvement in the team.

If your status as an individual or team changes within the transaction period, you may apply for either the Individual Award or Team Award and only claim the transactions achieved during the status for which you are applying. You may not apply for both the Individual and Team awards in the same year.