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Ohio Budget The Ohio Senate is considering changing a law that would significantly increase taxes on small business owners. Your Ohio REALTORS has launched a “Call for Action” — providing you with an easy way to send a prepared message to your Senator. Simply CLICK HERE to protect your business! Originally proposed by the Ohio House of Representatives, the Senate is now considering a budget bill that includes a sharp tax increase on pass-through entities earning more than $100,000 of business income (from the current $250,000).

This means all REALTORS who are sole proprietors and generate more than $100,000 in business income will see their taxes go up — a change that will impact thousands of Ohio REALTORS. Your Ohio REALTORS strongly opposes this change and is seeking a full reinstatement of the current tax language. First-Time Home Buyer Savings Accounts Ohio REALTORS is offering strong support to Senate Bill 139 — Ohio’s First-Time Home Buyer Savings Act. The measure, the top legislative priority for the REALTORS organization, will allow future generations to overcome the challenge of attaining the first rung of the housing ladder, by giving families the opportunity to put money into a tax-free savings account for their loved ones for the future purchase of a home in the state. Ohio REALTORS understand that homeownership: Strengthens our communities; Helps build generational wealth; and Stimulates our local and state economies. Licensure of Home Inspectors (PASSED and signed into law on Jan. 5, 2019 by Gov. John Kasich) Background: Home inspection is one of the last unregulated real estate-related industries in Ohio. At least 30 states have some form of home inspector licensing or registration requirements, including Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Few Ohioans are aware that home inspectors are not licensed in our state.

They mistakenly hire them under the impression they have received some level of training or validation that they are able to identify potential problems. Therefore, when an Ohio home inspector does not perform well, the buyer and seller are both harmed. Ohio was the 31st state to enact home inspector licensing to better protect home buyers and sellers whom we all represent and serve.

This is why your Ohio REALTORS leadership made passage of this legislation our top priority for 2018. Resources Gongwer Bill Tracking The Ohio Legislature View session schedule, listing of legislators and current legislation The Ohio House View representatives, committees, session schedule and current legislation The Ohio Senate View senators, committees, session schedule and current legislation Ohio Channel Watch sessions and committees live Legislative Service Commission View bill analysis and receive legislative status reports Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing Ohio’s real estate licensing agency Ohio Department of Taxation Find tax forms for individuals and business Ohio Board of Tax Appeals Provides taxpayers and corporate entities a means to resolve tax disputes Ohio Secretary of State.

View elections & voting information, legislation and ballot issues and campaign finance information State and Local Spending Database An online checkbook on how your tax dollars are being spent State Budgetary Data Provides open access to transactional data contained in Ohio’s accounting system.

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