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Curt Sigg – Small Brokerage Director Candidate

Curt Sigg is currently running for a Director’s seat for a three-year term (2021, 2022, 2023).  Please find information regarding Curt’s qualifications below.  For additional questions, Emily may be reached at

Company: Northwest Ohio Real Estate Services
Years Licensed:
Type of License Held:
University Attended:
Defiance College, University of Toledo
Degree: Business (completing his final year)
Position at Company:
Owner & Office Manager
NOR Committees Chaired:
NOR Committee Participation:
Served as a NOR Director in the Past?
NOR President’s Sales Club Years:
2015 – 2019
OR Committee Participation:

Describe current and past community involvement: 
Curt served as the 2014 President of Northwestern Ohio Board of Realtors and the 2020 Defiance County Land Bank Appointed Director. He also participated in the 2020 Childhood Cancer #Gold Together Campaign.

Financial Oversight Experience:
Curt is responsible for overseeing all aspects of budget and records for his Real Estate and Appraisal companies. This includes 15 employees. He also has financial oversight experience from his time at President of NOBR in 2014.

Government Affairs Experience: 
Curt has made donations to RPAC and always attends the OR and NAR conventions. Currently, Curt is looking for an outlet to become more involved with government affairs.

Communications Experience:
Curt is a clear and effective communicator. He is keen to listen and learn first, especially when joining something new. He is also ready to communicate when appropriate and be bold when necessary.

Strategic Planning Experience: 
In the past few years, Curt has done fewer sales and has focused on the vision of the company and the training of new agents. He is currently training three new agents which impacts his personal sales. Curt believes money isn’t everything and he is planning on a bigger vision of his team changing with the future of real estate. He believes now is the time to go all in.

Technology Experience:
Curt spends most of his day learning and teaching those in his company. He attends every event possible and remakes it into content less overwhelming and consumable by his agents. Curt is very familiar with the back end of and Zillow and he has good backend relationships to know what’s coming. He thinks it is important to understand it to know how to navigate the future. Curt also has high skill with Dotloop, Forewarn, MLS, Etc.

Real Estate Trends Experience:
Curt is a Tom Ferry pivot/pulse coaching member. He has attended the 2020 success summit, marketing edge, sales edge, and virtual edge this year. Curt has also just purchased new Elevate training. Curt is an Inman news member and has gone to two of the Inman Connects this year. He plans to attend more in the months ahead. Curt always attends recurring local industry updates in his area. He also attends NAR and OR conventions if possible.

Leadership Experience:
Curt and his broker are the leaders of their company. Beth handles the appraisal wing and real estate falls under Curt’s responsibilities. He has been lucky to have been trained by broker parents since birth – eating hot dogs at auctions with his dad and driving around on appraisals with his mom. He has been fortunate to shadow his broker for the past 10 years. Curt has taken that experience and coupled it with his own climbing the rungs to now lead his ever-growing team. He wants a fun productive workforce that has a life. Curt believes one can only achieve that with the right people and a unified vision. This means it’s not about himself – it’s about the group. Beyond his professional career, Curt enjoys going to work and spending time with his wife and two children. He says that is what his life is about and he is lucky.

Why does Curt wish to be a Director:

Curt has a proven track record of success as a REALTOR® and management level licensee. He will have his broker license in one to two years. Curt is committed to always doing things the correct way, even if it is difficult. He has been known to balance professionalism with humor and energy with humility. His inquisitive nature loves to understand how things work and he always wants to know how to change and improve in real ways without upsetting the current balance. If it works keep it. If not, take small steps to fix it. As a smaller non-franchise brokerage, Curt is versed in what that type of business deals with. They need support in ways that he assumes is provided by those with franchises. That said, he thinks all brokerages need support. Rather than focusing on the negative, Curt thinks they need to find out how they can navigate this future with real positive perspective, together. Curt has spent a lot of time finding the pulse of real estate. It is an ongoing effort. Curt would be fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and contribute as a Director. Our Board leadership has been great and he hopes to be part of that. Navigating the future to facilitate the growth of his member’s business and interests while bringing real value to consumers. Curt thanks you for your time and consideration!

Voting will be available for all REALTOR Members starting Monday, December 7, 2020 through Friday, December 11, 2020.