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NORIS News 05-22-23

Realist is a public-record database that seamlessly integrates with Matrix, allowing you to quickly research properties and listings, assess market conditions, trends, value homes, identify comparable sales, market to buyers and sellers, and create custom exports. Realist enhances the capabilities of Matrix, giving you the insights necessary to understand the market, identify opportunities, and take decisive action. This 1 hour webinar will also introduce you to such tools as "sell score", Real AMV, community demographics, mailing labels, and so much more June 5, 2023 at 12
Market Stats By Showing Time: Dive Deep into the housing market! We'll show you how to use Info Sparks and Fast Stats to understand the housing market better than ever before. As we demo thes great statistics tools, we'll talk about how to use the data for your business, with your clients, and as tools for marketing. This is a webinar you will not want to Miss! Already using these tools? Brink your questions and get them answered live during the training! June 8 2023 at 11
Pro Shorts
You asked, we got them! there is a lot to learn in RPR. Here are 18 short videos you can watch any time and as many times as you like.