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NORIS News 12-14-20

New Search Feature from Homesnap!

We are excited to announce a new feature that will further improve the property search experience for agents and consumers in your market: Multi-Area Search!

You can now search multiple areas at once in Homesnap rather than having to jump back and forth between different searches. Additionally, Multi-Area Search is supported by our recently-released Saved Search Alerts to allow users to receive alerts for multiple areas. The feature is available nationwide on all platforms (Android, iOS, desktop). Watch the short video below to see how it works.

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Tip of the Week

Question:  How can I put a non-branded virtual tour in the MLS?

On the input (Add/Edit) screen, go to the “Remarks & Showing Info” tab. Scroll down and you will see the “Non-Branded Virtual Tour URL”. Copy & paste the URL here.

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