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Tim Westhoven – Small Brokerage Director Candidate

Tim Westhoven is currently running for a Director’s seat for a three-year term (2021, 2022, 2023).  Please find information regarding Tim’s qualifications below.  For additional questions, Tim may be reached at

Company: A.A. Green Realty
Years Licensed:
Type of License Held:
University Attended:
Bowling Green State University
Degree: BS Journalism
Position at Company: Salesperson
NOR Committees Chaired:
NOR Committee Participation:
Grievance Committee, 2019-2020
Served as a NOR Director in the Past?
NOR President’s Sales Club Years:
Lifetime Member
OR Committee Participation: N/A

Describe current and past community involvement: 
Tim has been involved with the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce for 24 years. He is also a member of the Noon Kiwanis (20 years) and the Jaycees (four years). Tim has been the Founder and Coordinator of Lloyd’s Lifts for 17 years and served on the Red Cross Board of Directors for three years.

Financial Oversight Experience: N/A

Government Affairs Experience:  N/A

Communications Experience:
Tim held the photographer/videographer position at WBGU-TV for 11 years. This also included field producer, director, editor, audio, lighting and studio camera. Tim worked for newspapers, magazines, and was a stringer photographer for the Associated Press and United Press International.

Strategic Planning Experience: N/A

Technology Experience:
Tim’s former employer, WBGU-TV, was also an educational arm of BGSU and was on the leading edge of technology relative to communications. There were computers on each employee’s desk in the mid-eighties and were transferring to an all-digital format in 1995. Tim has always welcomed new technologies and embraced the efficiencies created.

Real Estate Trends Experience:
Working with many builders, Tim has always looked ahead to future markets in terms of what demographics would require. Entries of industries into this area, how well the school systems are functioning, availability of utilties and many other factors determine how well an area will do with real estate sales.

Leadership Experience:
Tim served as President of the Wood County Board of Realtors in 2001. He was also a Director for the Ohio Association of Realtors for nine years. Beyond that, Tim served several years on the OR Legislative Committee and is a 2019 graduate of the TRAR Leadership Academy.

Why does Tim wish to be a Director:
As an agent in a small office in a small market, Tim is acutely aware of the dynamic differences in marketing and client relationships compared to larger offices in larger local markets. Small office agents in smaller local markets don’t often have assistants because their sales volume is such that they must do all the tasks themselves. Efficiency is extremely important. Learning how to use the tools to save time allows an agent to perform all of the tasks required by law and required by our fiduciary duties. Without a high level of skill and expertise in dealing with other agents, our clients, and technology, it’s difficult to stay in business. It is also very important that other agents know how to use the tools of the trade so that they don’t become a burden to others with whom they are working. Raising the level of professional skills floats all boats. Tim thinks it’s important for the Board to be proactive in assessing how well their tools perform for agents. Sometimes it feels as if software developers don’t use the products they create and while agents benefit with the use of that software, often times the simplest improvements would really save time and frustration for everyone who uses it. It would be good to have a tech ombudsman whom agents could communicate their problems with software and have that ombudsman see it through with the developers.

Voting will be available for all REALTOR Members starting Monday, December 7, 2020 through Friday, December 11, 2020.